Our Vision

As a Trust our emphasis is on achieving excellence. We do this by harnessing the diverse strengths of our academies in support of a single vision. This is underpinned by a shared philosophy and principles, recognising that each academy has ethos and learning values relevant to their unique context. To help us fulfil our vision we have common goals and an agreed strategy.

Our vision is that, through excellent educational provision, every child will:

  • Enjoy rich, meaningful and relevant learning experiences.
  • Receive motivational teaching and irresistible learning opportunities that inspire and empower them.
  • Experience an inclusive, supportive and harmonious ethos in academies that have a tangible sense of purpose and ambition.

Our goals as a Trust are:

Unique character, ethos and talents

To ensure that the unique character, ethos and talents of each academy are recognised and supported, with strengths being effectively harnessed so that the Trust as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Compelling learning opportunities

To create, through our academies, compelling learning opportunities, high standards of learning and excellent educational outcomes for all children.

High aspirations

To develop the capacity and infrastructure to raise academic standards in each academy, fostering high aspirations amongst children and staff, and building and sustaining a widely recognised reputation for educational excellence.

Working collaboratively

To ensure the Trust reaches out to wider communities, working collaboratively with others to meet local needs and engaging across the education sector to learn from others and share our own expertise.

Innovation and improvement

To offer a stimulating working environment – for leaders, teachers and support staff – that rewards excellent performance, challenges underachievement, supports professional development, creates exceptional teams, encourages innovation and improvement, pushes boundaries, develops best practice, and provides opportunities to contribute to transformational change.

Culture of efficiency

To foster a culture of efficiency and to use resources effectively, achieving economies of scale across the Trust where possible and enabling academy leaders to focus on teaching and learning.

Our guiding principles, which underpin the way we work with one another across the Trust, can be summed up as:


Trust – We believe in a culture of mutual respect.

Opportunity – We enrich the prospects of all in our community.

Inclusivity – We celebrate diversity and respect difference.

Teamwork – We collaborate purposefully and share expertise.

Self-knowledge – We embrace new learning and challenge ourselves to do better.